Agenda Training February 2010

Administration and Secretarial Skills

Feb 09-10 >Strategic Skills for Secretary & Administration Staff
Feb 11-12 >How to Support Multiple Bosses*
Feb 15-16 >Best Practices for Personnel Assistants & HR Staff
Feb 17-18 >Secretary Excellence
Feb 19 > Professional Filing & Records Management

HR Management

Feb 03-04 >Finance Essentials for the HR Practitioner*
Feb 09-10 >Human Resources Planning
Feb 11-12 >Smart Interview, Selection, and Recruitment
Feb 15-16 >Performance Management & Appraisal*
Feb 17-18 >Job Analysis and Evaluation Techniques*
Feb 23-24 >Effective Solutions for Unacceptable Employee Behavior*

Management Leadership Development

Feb 09-10 >Leadership Skills for Supervisor
Feb 11-12 >Management Skills for New Supervisors
Feb 15-16 >Successfully Managing People
Feb 17-18 >Improving Your Managerial Effectiveness
Feb 19 >Creative Leadership Workshop for Managers, Spv, and Team Leaders*
Feb 23-25 >Leadership Skills: Building Success Through Teamwork*

Managerial and Soft Skills

Feb 03-04 >Effective Time Management Workshop*
Feb 09-10 >Effective Delegation & Task Management
Feb 09-10 >Team Building, Mentoring & Coaching Skills for Mgr & Spv*
Feb 11-12 >Advanced Communication Skills Workshop*
Feb 11-12 >Effective Presentation Skills*
Feb 15-16 >Management Essentials*
Feb 17-18 >Problem Solving & Decision Making*
Feb 23-24 >Etiquette & Personal Image for Professionals
Feb 23-24 >Managerial Skills for Secretaries, Administration & Professional Staff*
Feb 23-24 >Understanding Financial Reports and How Accounting Really Works*
Feb 25 >Assertiveness Skills for Managers and Supervisors*

Sales, Services, and Marketing

Feb 03-04 >Front-liner Basic Skills
Feb 05 >The Outstanding Receptionist*
Feb 09-10 >Selling Skills and Product Knowledge for Banking*
Feb 23-24 >Marketing Plan 2010*
Feb 25 > Change Management in Competitive Business*